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Just ordered this. It better fit!

Finally! :D


Only 50 days left to go! :D

Your sports teams are like your children. You don’t love them because they are good. You love them because they are yours.

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Only 100 days left to go! :D

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Bye bye Vedo. :( The best of luck in Stuttgart!


Three and a half minutes of people celebrating in the streets after a Mannschaft win set to Wavin’ Flag? Yes, please!


Mrs. Merkel called Uli Hoeness and inquired about how I feel. She asked our President to wish me good luck. That made me very happy.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

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New Germany Adidas advert featuring the new trikot!

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New jersey signed by several players. Next to the signatures it says: Rematch against Spain in the final! :D


New jersey!

I actually like the shirts (not as much as the last ones though), but I’ll still have to get used to them. The shorts is what gets me - why are they so shiny? Is it to confuse the other team?

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